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Bird of Prey Fursuit Mask: Lady Garuda

here she is, Lady Garuda!

this is a fursuit mask that i have been working for a while, and its finally finished!

-Resin base made by Head-Spyn and Crystumes (you can find both of them on FurAffinity, you should check out their other works!)
-Movable jaw
-a large neck for when putting it on, so no buttons or zippers to deal with, and it also makes her and your neck more bird-like
-the head size is set for 24” inches at eyebrow level (before i know i said about 25.25” inches, but i mis-measured and corrected that fact) but the elastic inside is an easy material to work with if you so desire to make it a bit bigger or smaller
-Clear Resin eyes with customized coloring
-holes drilled out for the right amount of visual ability while keeping the mask’s anatomy
-all the fur is Faux fur with some hand-coloring effects with acrylic paint. personally not my choice of material, but i have yet to get my hands on an air-brush tool and an air compressor.
-a thin layer of cushion inside the mask for a more snug feel, and to keep the resin of the mask from bothering your cheekbones and nerves and whatnot.

This mask is still very newly finished, and has only been worn once to take these reference photos. there is also a video on my youtube account where you can see the mask in action, but since Ebay’s Policies prevent me from leaving a link to it for you guys, you can still very easily search for the video! al you have to do is search “Rooks Moore” or “RooksRooftops” in the Youtube search engine, and my channel account should be the first one, and the Lady Garuda Preview will be the newest post there!
in the video, my friend that i asked to model for the mask is a bit short, about 5’ foot, at least (im bad at measuring from sight ahaha; ) making the mask look bigger than it appears. in the video it mentions that im going to add more white faux fur has already been added. all she needs now is a new home to go to!

Keep in mind:
-she does currently does not have a silicone tongue, but if you are willing to pay a bit more, i can ask around from other fursuit makers to see if they are selling any, and to find out if custom colors are available.
- also i did mention that i would have an “Auto-Buy” option, but i have decided to scrap that, and stick to the good-ol-fashioned ebay auctioning style that it is.

if you have any questions about any details, features that i may have not mentioned, etc., you can send an email my way
thank you for checking this gal out, and i hope you have a pleasant day.

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