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invisiblecatfish asked:

If you have/can find a resin bird mask blank I'll commission you in a heart beat. I've been unsuccessful so far. :(

so far ive found the person who bought the eagle mask, but he’s doing nothing about eh. like, whyyyyyyyy would you get it and NOT make a profit? XD

BUT! i did find another artist who is currently making a Bearded Vulture mask and has agreed to trade a blank for art. buuut i have no clue when they’re going to be done.

i can update you on the status the next time i hear word if you want :3


—-copied n pasted straight from my FA post—-

so tonight i am taking on-demand sketch commissions of this quality for tonight’s stream~

-please read through my ToS (Terms of Services) right hurr and be sure to comment IN THE TOS with a comment saying “i agree” or something close but not vague. signing anywhere else is not accepted.
-paypal only, will send an inquiry after the ToS has been signed
-limited slots (no aceptions)
-preferring ferals tonight
-all species are accepted
-plz no large wings
-SFW results only
-NSFW refs are accepted
-cannot reserve any slots before payment
-any questions? lemme know via message or whatever!


doodle ad/chara (c) Rookshock Moore 2014


$15 Commission Sale!
for more information, you may either send a not on my FA,
or email me at

Keep in mind!
-Paypal only
-SFW only
-NSFW references are accepted
-$15 applies to each character, aka no double character sale options, sorry! > u <
-any questions? Lemme know!

please do not send any spam to either of my contacts, or i will block your address right away! :D
and please do not remove this information too~
thank you for reading!

pic (c) Rookshock Moore 2014

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