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Just thought I’d try and draw some more attention to this piece of art right here. I had agreed to an art trade with Rooks…. Gosh…. years ago!! We met at Anime Detour, and just doodled on papers and collaborated and laughed. They sent this to me for their side of the trade and it’s ABSOLUTELY gorgeous, I can’t get over how beautiful Ki is in their style. Beautiful. Loving the brush strokes and the swirls. 

Original post can be seen here:


Rooksie Sticker Turn-Out! Official Commish Option

soooo lookie lookie what i got in the mail today :D

so i did a trial run of my main sona (can be found right hurr ) and between the pic and the print out, the print out turned out a bit more bold on the coloring side (the dark grey went black, his tail is more vivid, etc) but overall im still glad i go these examples all finished up~

and as the title suggests, this is now a Commission option that will forever be open, starting at $10 for simple characters, and $15 for complex. and as a featured bonus, your commission will only be yours, and yours alone unless requested ahead of time! meaning no one else can order your specific sticker. aka a one of a kind~

if you would like to get a referral into getting a set of your own stickers, just gimme a hollah in a FA note or a message here on Tumblr! ;3

Rooks (c) moi~

invisiblecatfish asked:

If you have/can find a resin bird mask blank I'll commission you in a heart beat. I've been unsuccessful so far. :(

so far ive found the person who bought the eagle mask, but he’s doing nothing about eh. like, whyyyyyyyy would you get it and NOT make a profit? XD

BUT! i did find another artist who is currently making a Bearded Vulture mask and has agreed to trade a blank for art. buuut i have no clue when they’re going to be done.

i can update you on the status the next time i hear word if you want :3


—-copied n pasted straight from my FA post—-

so tonight i am taking on-demand sketch commissions of this quality for tonight’s stream~

-please read through my ToS (Terms of Services) right hurr and be sure to comment IN THE TOS with a comment saying “i agree” or something close but not vague. signing anywhere else is not accepted.
-paypal only, will send an inquiry after the ToS has been signed
-limited slots (no aceptions)
-preferring ferals tonight
-all species are accepted
-plz no large wings
-SFW results only
-NSFW refs are accepted
-cannot reserve any slots before payment
-any questions? lemme know via message or whatever!


doodle ad/chara (c) Rookshock Moore 2014


$15 Commission Sale!
for more information, you may either send a not on my FA,
or email me at

Keep in mind!
-Paypal only
-SFW only
-NSFW references are accepted
-$15 applies to each character, aka no double character sale options, sorry! > u <
-any questions? Lemme know!

please do not send any spam to either of my contacts, or i will block your address right away! :D
and please do not remove this information too~
thank you for reading!

pic (c) Rookshock Moore 2014

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